Important Facts About Dentures

Dentures can offer excellent relief and a new lease of life for those who have lost all or some of their teeth, but there are many misconceptions about them. If you’re expecting to have dentures in the near future or have recently been fitted with some, be sure to read these five lesser-known facts about dentures. You should clean dentures … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Cavity

For many of us, cavities are all too common. No matter if they tend to appear when we’re younger or older, it’s important that you don’t ignore the warning signs. Failure to have a professional dentist address a cavity can cause serious health issues down the line. So why shouldn’t you ignore a cavity? Here are just a few reasons: … Read More

Ways to Make Dentist Visits Less Stressful

The idea of visiting a dentist can be stressful to many of us, which in turn makes us less likely to make dental appointments as often as we should. When we put off those visits, problems compound, and we end up more worried than ever. This isn’t a cycle you want to get caught in. To minimize dental anxiety and … Read More

Want Whiter Teeth? Avoid These Foods

For many of us, yellow teeth can make us feel self-conscious. Fortunately, with the help the Albuquerque general dental and cosmetic dentistry experts at Heflin Family Dentistry, you can have the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always dreamed of! After you’ve had your teeth cleaned and whitened, you can maintain those pearly whites with regular visits to the dentist and by … Read More