What Is a Root Canal?

What is a root canal? We’ve all heard of them, but what exactly is a root canal, anyway? Turns out, this dental treatment is a lot more common and a lot less scary than people think! Also referred to as endodontic therapy, root canals treat infections that arise from deep inside your tooth—otherwise known as the root canal. The root … Read More

What Is Gum Disease and How Do I Know If I Have It?

We all have bacteria in our mouth, and many strains are important for maintaining good oral health—but if that bacteria isn’t properly controlled, it can lead to gum disease. Generally, people focus on their teeth when brushing and they easily overlook their gums and forget to floss. This allows plaque to build up on and between your teeth and harden. … Read More

Time is Running Out: Use your Insurance Benefits, FSA and MSA!

Most of us know what it’s like to encounter an urgent dental matter when we’re low on funds. Some wait until they can save up the money, while others may never have it addressed because they can’t afford to pay out of pocket. However, there is a solution you may be forgetting about—your Medical Savings Account or Flex Spending Account! … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Dentist Appointment

It’s no surprise that most people would say they don’t like going to the dentist. According to the History of Dentistry, “Five to ten percent of U.S. adults experience a dental phobia of such strength that they avoid dental care at all costs.” While it’s recommended that we visit the dentist at least twice a year, not everyone makes it … Read More

The Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing, and can even eventually lead to more serious problems down the line—but the more you educate yourself on the root causes, the easier the fight will be! When it comes to bad breath, the first thing we assume is it was something we ate like onions or garlic—but there’s actually many underlying reasons for halitosis … Read More

Manual vs Electric Toothbrush

The age-old question that always comes up for debate: which is better for your teeth, a manual or electric toothbrush? Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush ultimately lies in personal preference, as well as how well and how often you are actually brushing your teeth. While they both will get the job done, they have very different pros … Read More

The Albuquerque Family Dentist That Delivers High-Quality Care

A Family Dentistry You Can Trust At Heflin Family Dentistry, we know you want the best dental care for your family, and we know it’s not easy to find a family dentist in Albuquerque that the whole family loves. You can rest assured that you can trust Heflin Family Dentistry, not just for great dental care, but for a positive … Read More

Choose Heflin as Your Albuquerque General Dentist!

Heflin Family Dentistry Works with Your Comfort in Mind! At Heflin Family Dentistry, we don’t just concentrate on providing expert dental care — we also focus on your comfort and strive to give you a positive experience, from the first time you call our office right up until the moment your appointment is over and you are on your way … Read More

Teaching Your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

It can be an all too familiar scene every day — nagging your kids to brush their teeth, then ordering them to brush their teeth, and then (hopefully it doesn’t come to this) begging your kids to brush their teeth. Once you get into the habit of having good oral hygiene, it’s easy to take good care of your smile. … Read More

Why Should You Replace That Missing Tooth?

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are a few things your dentist might suggest — partial dentures, or implant bridgework, for instance. But you may be wondering why you should even bother. Maybe it just sounds like it’s too much trouble, or it sounds like it would be too painful, or you think such things are just … Read More