Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Dentist Appointment

It’s no surprise that most people would say they don’t like going to the dentist. According to the History of Dentistry, “Five to ten percent of U.S. adults experience a dental phobia of such strength that they avoid dental care at all costs.” While it’s recommended that we visit the dentist at least twice a year, not everyone makes it to the dentist because of fear, not having time, not having insurance, or a variety of other excuses that can be detrimental to your oral health. Visiting the dentist twice a year is more than just simply getting your teeth cleaned! Learn more about why you should make an appointment with the Albuquerque dentists at Heflin today!

Deep cleaning

Even if you brush and floss after each meal, tartar and plaque can still accumulate on your teeth, especially in the hard to reach places. Having a deep clean with your dentist twice a year can rid your mouth of the tartar and bacteria that have built up over the past six months, and also reduce the presence of bad breath. 

Save time, money, and your health

Have you ever ignored a small issue for so long that eventually it turned into a huge problem? When you visit your dentist regularly, they have time to check your health and detect any problems you may have before they develop into serious issues. Spending a little money twice a year to catch potential trouble areas is much better than having to undergo a series of intensive procedures to fix major issues with your smile.

In addition to catching oral issues early, a dentist can help keep your overall health in check, too! According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several diseases that can be identified through your oral health, including diabetes, Endocarditis, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. 

Prevent tooth loss 

Plaque and tartar can destroy the teeth and the bones that support your teeth, resulting in gum disease or other forms of diseases. When your gums are no longer strong enough to support your teeth, a dentist may need to extract the tooth or you may experience tooth loss. Seeing your dentist regularly can give them the chance to diagnose issues early on. 

If you want to keep your oral and overall health at their best, not skipping your bi-annual dentist appointment is key! Seeing your dentist regularly can help prevent many diseases, surgeries, and toothaches down the line. If you’re ready to start taking pride in your oral health, schedule an appointment with Heflin Family Dentistry in Albuquerque today!